When we grow up, we’re not supposed to believe in magic, to dance in the rain, to read books with illustrations or buy toys for ourselves. But we don’t follow the rules. We prefer to live in a world where some polar bears need floats because they didn't learn how to swim, where leaves fall from trees because they're dancing and owls sing lullabies in harmony. We like magic and Peter Pan, short shorts and flowery dresses, we love summer and sandcastles, we adore swings and waterparks. We picture snowmen in our minds when we see carrots and Alice in wonderland when we see teacups. And we’re pretty sure that all adults would be a lot more happier if they just grabbed a handful of confetti every once in a while. We’re not lost boys from neverland, we grew up but refuse to be dull, blue adults!

We are Raquel and Fred, brothers from different mothers (and fathers too). We live in Porto, Portugal, but from time to time we like to travel to Hey Billie, a place where trees dance and owls sing lullabies. Raquel is a writer and loves crochet, so she creates stories to each animal she gives life through her yarns. Fred is a graphic designer that creates the world where Raquel's animals live.
Together we do silly dances in the office, scaring all the sadness away.

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